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Home  |  Pillows - Millet Filled  |  Neck-Relief Pillow, Organic Millet Filled, Back and Side Sleepers
Neck-Relief Pillow, Organic Millet Filled, Back and Side Sleepers
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Experience unsurpassed comfort when sleeping on your back.

You control just how much neck support you want: Move the neck wedge up onto the bottom pillow for more support or down off of it for less. The neck relief pillow set gently tractions your cervical vertebrae, giving them a chance to decompress and release tension.

Induce deep breathing, reduce snoring: The wedge-shape bottom pillow keeps your head from tipping backward. This helps the airways to stay open and encourages a deeper breathing cycle. Some of our customers have even reported a decrease in snoring.

For side or stomach sleeping: When you want to turn to your side, just flip the neck wedge over and on top of the bottom pillow. This increases the pillow height for your side sleeping position. If you want to sleep on your stomach, remove the smaller neck wedge altogether and use the bottom pillow alone.

Complete and ready to use: The Neck-Relief Pillow comes with its own pillow cases. Never put it in a standard pillowcase as you will lose the functionality and synergy of the two pillows.

Neck Wedge: 8 x 21
Head Wedge: 21 x 15
Certified Organic Cotton/ Natural
Certified Organic Millet hulls
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